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Zevia – Product Review


Zevia, a zero calorie, zero carb soda sweetened with Stevia is a non gmo carbonated beverage option for anyone eating a paleo, keto, or even low-calorie diet.

I enjoy carbonated beverages, and candidly was a Diet Coke addict for many years! Thankfully I have been rescued from my gut destroying aspartame filled Diet Coke addiction years ago.

This past year I discovered Zevia and have now tried most of their flavors, here is what I have found:



– I enjoy several Zevia flavors; my favorites are grape, orange, black cherry and cherry cola. Zevia has a nice light refreshing flavor without the bitter aftertaste many Stevia sweetened products have. Just so you know, the cola doesn’t taste anything like Coke or Pepsi, I think it has a similar taste to RC.

– I really appreciate that Zevia doesn’t have any added colors or genetically modified ingredients.


– The carbonation dissipates¬†quickly. Sometimes I find that the soda will become “flat” even before I finish the beverage.

– The Root Beer and Cream Soda flavors have a distinct “marshmallow” flavor that for me detracts significantly from the taste.

– Personally I find the price point is a little too high. Usually I find it for $5.98 for a six pack and $7.98 for a 10 pack. I generally wait to purchase Zevia when I find it on sale.


As a final note, I purchased all of the Zevia personally and I was not paid to create this review.


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