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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Being a mama of three you’d think I’d have teething down by now. However, as I’m constantly reminded, every baby is different. This has never been more true than my third time around, yes third (we are crazy). My son started teething around month 3 and he was clearly too young to have any kind of medicine. I had heard of the amber teething necklaces before, but have always been too skeptical to try them out.  I wish I hadn’t been, because after another month of constant drooling, spit up, crying and sleepless nights I caved and ordered my Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. I first did some research as to where to buy them, how to wear them and what they help with in regards to teething. I was surprised to learn that they help with inflammation, soreness, and assist with reducing the drooling. Typically you would want to wear them close to the skin and where they can be warmed, the neck is best.


After about a week or two I noticed his drool had slowed way down and he was sleeping longer at night. His crabbiness during the day was replaced by his sweet giggly self, I almost forgot he could be that way! Over all, he was a completely different baby, and I was one happy mama!



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