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CopyCat Starbucks Sangria Tea

I was obsessed with Starbucks’ Teavana Berry Sangria Herbal Tea. Then my heart broke the day I heard they weren’t brining it back this summer. I tried to order it after it sold out and it was as if I was trying to order the world’s most top secret drink. I mean if the people from the FBI worked at Starbucks they too probably couldn’t have figured it out. It was that “real” people! Not to mention at some stores it was $2.97 while at other stores they charged $4.19?! Sooo is tea on the same system as the gas prices these days?

I was on a mission to find a way to make it all on my own. So after many attempts at making it at home I’ve finally cracked the code. It’s honestly the perfect spring/summer time drink, here’s how I did it.

image1-4 Ingredients:

Tazo Iced Passion tea: 4oz- You can get these in Kcups and normal tea bags

Simple Syrup: 1tbsp- You can also use Swerve or Stevia

Apple Juice: 6-8oz

This will make roughly 20-24oz (about the size of a venti)

First brew the tea and let it cool. I’ve tried to ice the tea in the past and it has always turned out watery. Once your tea has fully cooled to room temp, you will want to add your sweetener to the tea. I then pour the apple juice in, add ice and shake! I will use my shaker cup to mix everything together. When I have a orange and some black berries on hand I like slice the orange and add them both to the mix.

image1-4 copy

Then just pour it into your favorite cup and enjoy!


One thought on “CopyCat Starbucks Sangria Tea

  1. Kelsey and I just got reconnected. The other day I was over at her house and she made this Starbucks drink. She had me taste it and it was the exact recipe. A few days later she ordered at Starbucks the same drink (how she makes it) and I could not believe how much it cost for just that drink- like pushing $3.00. When she made it at home- just using apple juice and passion tango (mango?) and the sweetener- it saved her money and kept her from loading her kids in and going!

    I love this drink!!!

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