Dinner Recipe

Keto Stuffed Nacho Peppers

Keto and Paleo Friendly!!

It’s the day before the dreaded grocery haul and I’m cleaning out my fridge. I find two peppers (that I didn’t even know I had), some left over taco meat and barely any cheese to do anything else with. The end result was yummy, gooey, spicy baby stuffed nacho peppers. Heres how I did it!

First I cleaned the peppers (after all I didn’t even know they were in there). I cut them so that they made little bowls from the natural divots in them,  lightly coat them with a small amount of olive oil.  I scooped the left over taco meat and filled the “mini bowls”. I then sprinkled the cheese (these would be good with queso dip added) and I added some dried cilantro (fresh would have been better). You could always add some yummy tomato salsa on top or even hot sauce if you like things extra an extra kick!


Pre heat the Oven: 325 degrees – Cook 15mins or until cheese is gooey and meat is warmed through.


2 Peppers – Any color would do.

2 Cups of already seasoned lean ground beef

1tbsp Olive Oil

Coat peppers with cheese to your preference (I used about a tablespoon per pepper)






Now my fridge is bare and I really must go to the store, enjoy!



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