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Silence is Golden, Just Like My Egg

IMG_0637Apparently my people parent, JW, or as I affectionately think of her, my Mama, isn’t a huge fan of my vocal contributions when I see the neighbors, or a rabbit or a leaf blow past, so she purchased the Sunbeam Ultrasonic Egg.

Here I was one day happily barking away at the UPS man leaving our driveway until she took that obnoxious egg out of the brown box and turned the knob! Suddenly this awful noise pierced my ears and I just didn’t have anything more I wanted to contribute.  I saw that my Mama had a big smile, but I wasn’t particularly thrilled with our new purchase. Honestly, I’ve been quiet ever since.

I’ve noticed that even when I go out to the front yard, what seems like a really far distance from the egg, it still reminds me that I need to keep my peace. Frankly, I think this thing works a little too well for my liking.

She liked it so much that she told my Aunt Susan about it. Aunt Susan got one for her three puppies, and that same day texted my Mama and said “Silence is golden, just like my egg!”

So if you are a fur baby parent and want to keep your puppy quiet I am happy to let you take our Sunbeam Ultrasonic Egg  just don’t tell my Mama!

3 thoughts on “Silence is Golden, Just Like My Egg

  1. Josie’s mom here … I have been so happy that Kelsey recommended the UltraSoinc Egg to me!!! It has been a life changer for our house! And JosieJo … that egg is going NO-WHERE! Lol


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