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Reporting The Results of My Sweetener Experiment

For quite sometime I have been reading about how various sweeteners may be effecting my insulin response and causing my body not to lose weight. Eating a Ketogenic Diet I usually consume sweetener of some sort every day. So I set out to learn the truth about how my body is responding to those sweeteners.

Before starting I reviewed my experiment “protocol” with two trusted experts (my father in law, a diabetic who uses a glucose monitor daily, and my mother a dietician for more than four decades). After receiving their counsel I designed my experiment. On an empty stomach I tested my blood glucose and my readings, then I drank a calorie free beverage with each of the following sweeteners and then re-tested my blood 30 minutes later.

IMG_0649Splenda Test – I drank Diet Coke with Splenda which resulted in my blood glucose reading staying the same.

Stevia Test – I drank Zevia which resulted in my blood glucose reading going down by 10 points.

Eyrithritol Test – I drank brewed black tea with Swerve added to sweeten the tea which resulted in my blood glucose reading going down by 10 points.

IMG_0650A combination of Erythritol, Suralose and Acesulfame Potassium Test – I drank a Monster Zero Sugar with the combination of Erythritol, Suralose and Acesulfame Potassium which resulted in my blood sugar reading going down by 10 points.

I did not test saccharin or aspartame. I do not care for the taste of saccharin, so I don’t consume items with this sweetener. I also did not test Aspartame because it causes me digestive issues so I generally avoid this sweetener.

I was relieved by the results of the experiment! Armed with this information now I no longer have to wonder how these sweeteners are impacting my insulin responses! For me sweeteners help me enjoy this Ketogenic way of eating and they help me to enjoy eating low carb.  I realize some people avoid any sort of sweetener and I agree that not incorporating sweeteners is probably a more healthy way to eat in general. However, for most people, including myself, that is probably not realistic. So, I encourage you to spend time doing your own evidence based research to help you decide what is best for your body.


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