Decorating on a Dime

DIY Chalk Board

Every now and again I get in a mood for a good craft. So today when I was cleaning out my room and found an antique mirror, (that I bought with intentions on using and never did) I thought “What can I do with this?!” I had no place to hang it as a mirror, but I had seen somewhere (most likely Pinterest) where someone turned an old mirror into a chalk board sign. Being the crafter that I am, I thankfully had some chalk board paint on hand.


First I started by taking the backing of the mirror off to expose the mirror itself, without the frame.

I wiped the mirror down with water and dried it with a cloth. While that was drying, I took my chalk board paint and poured it onto a paper plate. This allowed me to be able to coat the entire brush. Using a 2in. foam brush, I applied my first coat of paint.

You will want to wait until the first coat is completely dry before applying a second coat. I decided it was best to apply a thin first coat and a thick second coat. You may also want to use a foam roller brush instead. I noticed I had small lines where the brush strokes showed through. Personally it doesn’t bother me, but for someone who may want an even surface, you will want to use a roller.

Once both coats were completely dry, I reattached the mirror to the frame. Of course I couldn’t just leave it blank, but from here you can apply any message or design you’d like! I used mine for my coffee bar and it was the perfect finishing touch I needed to really set this bar off! image1-4

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