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Skillet Pizza – Super Thin and Crispy Keto Deliciousness

IMG_5428Clearly this is not the most beautiful Keto pizza, but it is definitely delicious! (Forgive the desperate need of a manicure in this photo as well!) As I  have probably mentioned before, I really enjoy pizza. (Frankly, that’s an understatement!) The low carb pizzas I have made up until I found this Skillet Pizza were pretty good, but not quick or simple to make and rarely crisp. This pizza hits the mark!

Again, as with most things I share, I can’t really even call it a recipe! It’s more like just instructions to guide your own pizza creativity. I learned how to make this pizza watching Hifalutin Low Carb’s YouTube channel. (He’s adorable.) He said in this video that he got the work instructions from Cooking Keto with Kristie, so I went and watched her make this pizza. (She’s really got it going on – My new North Carolina Keto sister!) My husband who hasn’t liked any of the other low carb pizza creations I have made was very skeptical of this. But one bite changed all of that! He’s a super big fan now because this pizza is thin, crunchy and so tasty!

So as crazy at it sounds …

1. Use a non stick skillet, sprinkle some mozzarella in the pan, depending on how big your skillet is and how big you want your pizza will determine how much cheese you use. I used and 8″ skillet to make my pizza and it took about a half of a cup of mozzarella.

2. Turn your burner on to medium or even medium low heat if you want a little more control, allow the cheese to melt and form a bubbly mess. Take a flexible spatula to gently loosen the edge of the pizza from the pan so it will now slide a little in the pan. The bottom of the cheese should be browning and quite firm, while the top is still bubbly and gooey.

3. Put the toppings you desire on top of the cheese and, if you are like me, add a little more cheese & herbs on top of that. When the crust is really dark brown and the toppings are warmed slide the pizza onto a plate covered with a paper towel. Allow it to sit a minute or two before you cut and devour it!

Honestly, it will be easier if you go watch the videos:

Hifalutin Low Carb – Skillet Pizza 

Skillet Pizza – Cooking Keto with Kristie

So, I am off to take care of that manicure situation. Just to clarify, I don’t personally know the people who created this pizza deliciousness and these awesome videos, but I have really benefitted from their instructional videos. I hope you will too!

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