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Raging at ALDI

We all hate the dreaded grocery haul – well you do if you have kids anyway. For me I don’t necessarily mind it, but it can be stressful with three kids. I’m one of those mothers who checks every ad, app, and flyer for the best deal. I mean I am shopping for 5 people plus a very large dog (no offense Luna). Time and time again I find myself seeing the best deals and prices at our local ALDI. So I load my kids up in the double seat cart and head on in, cause this mama is about to crush this grocery trip! IMG_7462

For  starters there are so many reasons why I choose to shop at ALDI. First off the selection is perfect. Going to the big box stores you are faced with an overwhelming amount of choices. While I can appreciate having to pick from 22 different coffee creamers within 4 different brands, I really am only needing one, maybe two flavors at the most. ALDI has plenty of choices without overwhelming you with all the options. (I’m currently drinking their Barissimo French Vanilla Cappuccino as I type! – It was a two cup morning.)


They are also awesome when it comes to seasonal items, so yes ladies, you can still get your beloved pumpkin spice creamer there too!


Another personal favorite of mine, NO PLASTIC BAGS! When we lived in Hawai’i, they had just started to ban all plastic bags and switched over to reusable cloth bags. ALDI you can grab an empty box off the shelf, bring your own bags, or purchase bags for a low cost. Their reusable bags are huge by the way and totally durable for everything you can shove in it!

Their produce is always fresh, with in season, and low cost. Today I got raspberries for .99 cents! Soooo I bought four packs, why?! Because my kids love them and I deprive them of all things candy! (This mama can’t take the added sugars) For organic raspberries anywhere else I would have easily spent $3.99 or more on a one container. I’ve notice that almost everything I buy here, my family loves more than the other name brand foods. Uhh ladies they have wine for as cheap as 3 bucks a bottle! Why don’t more people shop here! Seriously – I don’t understand!?

They recently added an entire baby line called ‘Little Journey’, I personally tried everything they have to offer. Their baby food and formula is all organic, the diapers totally hold up overnight, and the wipes are quilted. Quilted people – quilted! Not thin, transparent, shitty wipes, NO! They are totally mom worthy! Honestly I love everything in this store! IMG_7456

Lastly, while this isn’t something that personally effects me, however I do know a lot of people that it does. ALDI has probably the widest range of Gluten free products that I’ve seen at one store. Plus from what I’ve been told they aren’t your typical bland gluten free crap. Most canned items at ALDI have at least one Gluten free choice for each food, all labels are clearly marked “Gluten Free”. So you don’t have to stand and search the label for 5 mins in the isle with a child who is trying to grab everything off the shelf. They have devoted and entire end cap for their gluten free snacks and trust me there is a lot on the shelf.

For my grocery haul today I spent roughly $157 for 75 items, when you average it out, it comes out to $2.09 per item! That’s an amazing total for this family of 5. I was able to get everything on my list today in ONE place (#momwin) and still be under my budget of $200. (More money for a Target run!) Check out your local ALDI and see all the savings you can find and download the free app to be able to plan your trip today!



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