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British Baking Show Inspires Keto Cheese Danish

Coming late to the party, I have just found The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. Honestly, this show has been such a pleasure to watch and an inspiration to try to bake new things! So, flush with several bricks of cream cheese in my refrigerator I decided to take on a Cheese Danish recipe from Up Late Anyway.

First my confession… I made a few modifications to the ingredients, which may or may not have impacted my results. I exchanged Cocoanut Flour for Oat Fiber (to improve mouth feel & taste) in the “dough”. I also used my homemade creamer in-exchange for heavy cream in the icing. Usually, whenever I try a new recipe I make it exactly as written to verify the result before making modifications for my own tastes. However this time I threw caution to the wind, so it is possible that these modifications may have been what changed my results from the authors.

Even with firm determination I wasn’t able to roll out and manipulate the dough as shown on Up Late Anyway, actually mine was a sticky mess! Even with wet hands I could barely bring it into a form that sort of resembled a Danish.  159C5628-04B4-459A-AAB0-EAB1CC1294A1Yikes! How embarrassing. With this gloppy mess I would certainly never make it to the Great British Baking Show tent!

Also, my baking time ended up being much longer than specified on Up Late Anyway — mine stayed in the oven for nearly 20 minutes and as I found when I cut into the Danish it still wasn’t fully baked.

Lastly, my preschool piping job with the icing … well, clearly it was dreadful! My icing tasted wonderfully, and if taste was all that mattered with this project then I nailed it.


But, ugh…. that is one ugly, awful, very bad job with piping icing!  In the end … the “Danish” was delicious, although it tasted to me more like a sugar cookie with a Cheese Danish top. Similar to many other Keto baked goods, it’s not exactly what it proposes to be, but it is a very tasty treat none the less. So since I won’t be eating any wheat flour white sugar made Danish anyway, I am quite pleased with the taste of my bonafide ugly Danish! It goes great with my coffee! 831D134E-92B4-4719-B52E-A508566E458F


Thanks to Elizabeth Nimphius for her recipe creation and blog, Up Late Anyway … I really appreciate your work! After trying to replicate your baking clearly I can see you are a baking rock star!


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