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Keto Waffle House Texas Bacon Melt Copy Cat

In the south you can find a Waffle House in almost every small town, near every highway, and frankly just about anywhere. My favorite menu item at Waffle House probably should be the pecan waffle, but actually it’s the Texas Bacon Melt. Now with my Keto way of eating, I can eat all the contents, but not the sandwich. Which means every time my family and I go to Waffle House I sit in envy as they chow down on this sandwich. So I decided it was high time I figure out how to make this Keto copy cat at home.

I started with an amazing farm fresh egg from my local egg dealer, Jack’s Creek Henterprises. It’s easy to see how healthy these eggs are by looking at the dark orange yolks! Next I had to find an excellent substitute for the Texas Toast they use. So I turned to Keto Detective’s Greatest Keto Sandwich Bread. This bread is delicious, I make a loaf every week to keep a stock of it in my freezer at all times.

This Texas Melt Copy Cat is a super easy to put together Sandwich once you have the bread figured out.


1 fresh egg

1-2 slices American Cheese

2-4 slices Bacon

1-3 tsps. Kerry Gold Butter

2 Pieces of Keto Friendly Bread

In a non stick frying pan melt 1-3 teaspoons of butter, depending on how large your frying pan is, on low to medium low heat.

Pour in your fresh egg and allow it to begin to fry. In the frying pan place two slices of Keto friendly bread and top with either a half or whole slice of American Cheese, and 2-4 strips of bacon. 

Turn the egg over easy and season. Allow it to continue to cook while the bread is toasting on the pan, and the cheese is melting. Once the cheese is melted, assemble the sandwich and enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Keto Waffle House Texas Bacon Melt Copy Cat

  1. Kerry Gold butter is the best! Yum… But I looked at the label – it’s twice as many calories as regular butter, so I ‘try’ not to overindulge 🙂 thanks for the recipe willieswifejw!


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