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My Experience with a Comfortable Car Hammock

IMG_4503My Mama got me my own special seat cover hammock for the backseat of her vehicles, so that whenever I get to go for a car ride my seat is comfortable. I like how the hammock isn’t slippery and I don’t fall between the seats onto the floor when I circle around trying to find that perfect spot to settle into. I have pockets to keep my treats in, or that extra piggy ear for a long drive.

The hammock is waterproof, which really helped on those few times when the curvy roads made me sick! That cover kept my Mama’s car interior clean and didn’t allow any of the liquid to soak through.

I have also overheard her say to my Daddy, that the Viewpets Car Seat Cover keeps IMG_0003my fur contained on the cover and it is easy to vacuum. (Geez, I hate that loud vacuum cleaner!) The double-sided thick material of the cover has kept my nails from poking through to the seats below.

However, my favorite aspect of the hammock is how I have just the perfect spot to lay my head and be close to my Mama while she drives. Overall I give this product “four paws up”!



(This review is just my opinion based on experience. Neither me nor my Mama received any sort of treat or incentive to write this review.)

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